Kimchi Grilled Cheese: A Delicious Fusion of Spicy and Creamy

Kimchi Grilled Cheese: A Delicious Fusion of Spicy and Creamy

The Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich is a delightful fusion of Korean and Western flavors. It combines the rich and creamy goodness of a traditional grilled cheese with the spicy, tangy kick of kimchi. This mouthwatering sandwich is perfect for those looking to spice up their lunch or dinner routine. Whether you’re a fan of Korean cuisine or simply looking to try something new, this recipe is sure to satisfy your taste buds. So, let’s dive in and discover how to make this flavorful and unique sandwich!


To make two servings of Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 4 slices of bread (white, whole wheat, or sourdough)
  • 4 tablespoons of butter, softened
  • 1 cup of Kimchi, drained and chopped
  • 1 cup of shredded cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, or a mix)
  • Optional: thinly sliced cooked ham or bacon


  1. Begin by prepping your ingredients. Drain the kimchi and roughly chop it into smaller pieces. Shred your choice of cheese and set aside. If using ham or bacon, cook and thinly slice it.

  2. Place a skillet or griddle over medium heat.

  3. Take one slice of bread and spread butter on one side. Place it on the skillet, buttered side down.

  4. Layer your ingredients onto the bread. Start with a generous amount of shredded cheese, followed by the chopped kimchi. If using, add a layer of thinly sliced cooked ham or bacon.

  5. Take another slice of bread and butter one side. Place it on top of the layered ingredients, buttered side up.

  6. Let the sandwich cook for a few minutes on each side, until the bread is golden brown and the cheese is melted. You can press the sandwich down gently with a spatula to help melt the cheese.

  7. Once the sandwich is cooked to your liking, remove it from the skillet and let it cool for a minute or two.

  8. Repeat the process for the second sandwich.

  9. Serve your Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich hot and enjoy!


  • Feel free to experiment with different types of bread and cheese. While traditional white bread and cheddar cheese work well, sourdough or whole wheat breads with mozzarella or a mix of cheeses can add a unique twist to the sandwich.

  • Make sure to drain the kimchi well before using it in the sandwich. Excess liquid can make the sandwich soggy.

  • Adjust the amount of kimchi according to your spice preference. If you prefer a milder flavor, reduce the amount of kimchi used.

  • For added protein, include some thinly sliced cooked ham or crispy bacon in your sandwich. This will provide an extra savory element.


The Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich is a delicious and easy way to incorporate the bold and flavorful taste of kimchi into a classic comfort food. With its perfect balance of creaminess and spiciness, this fusion dish is sure to impress your taste buds. Remember to get creative with your choice of bread and cheese to personalize the sandwich to your liking. So, why not give this recipe a try and bring a taste of Korea to your next grilled cheese experience?


Q: Can I use a different type of cheese for this sandwich?

A: Absolutely! While cheddar, mozzarella, and a mix of cheeses work well, feel free to use your favorite cheese or experiment with different combinations.

Q: Can I make this sandwich without butter?

A: Butter adds richness and helps with browning the bread. However, if you prefer, you can use a substitute like margarine or mayonnaise.

Q: Is the kimchi spicy?

A: Kimchi is known for its spicy and tangy flavor profile. However, the level of spice can vary depending on the brand and fermentation process. If you prefer a milder spice, consider rinsing the kimchi before using it in the sandwich.

Q: Can I make this sandwich without meat?

A: Yes, this sandwich is delicious even without meat. The kimchi and cheese provide plenty of flavor on their own. However, if you enjoy a meaty addition, feel free to include thinly sliced cooked ham or crispy bacon.

Q: Can I make this sandwich ahead of time?

A: Grilled cheese sandwiches are best enjoyed fresh and hot. While you can make them ahead of time and reheat them, the bread may become soggy and lose its crispiness. It is recommended to prepare and cook the sandwich just before serving.

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