Scallops and Pasta Recipe: A Delicious and Easy Dinner Idea


Scallops and pasta make for a delightful and elegant dish that is perfect for any occasion. The tender and succulent scallops combined with the al dente pasta create a harmonious blend of flavors and textures that will surely impress your dinner guests. In this recipe, we will guide you through the process of preparing this delectable seafood pasta dish. So, let’s get started!


To create this mouthwatering scallops and pasta recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 pound of scallops, fresh or frozen
  • 8 ounces of pasta (linguine, spaghetti, or your choice)
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1/4 cup of white wine
  • 1 cup of cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1/4 cup of fresh parsley, chopped
  • Salt and black pepper to taste
  • Grated Parmesan cheese for garnish


Follow these simple steps to whip up a scrumptious scallops and pasta dish:

  1. Start by preparing the pasta according to the package instructions. Cook until al dente, drain, and set aside.

  2. In a large skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the minced garlic and sauté for about a minute, until fragrant.

  3. Increase the heat to medium-high and add the scallops to the skillet. Cook for about 2-3 minutes per side, until they turn golden brown. Be careful not to overcook them as they can become tough.

  4. Remove the scallops from the skillet and set them aside on a plate.

  5. In the same skillet, pour in the white wine and scrape any browned bits from the bottom of the pan. Allow the wine to simmer for about a minute, then add the cherry tomatoes.

  6. Cook the tomatoes for 3-4 minutes, until they soften and release their juices.

  7. Return the scallops to the skillet and toss them with the tomatoes. Cook for an additional minute to ensure the scallops are heated through.

  8. Season the dish with salt and black pepper according to your taste.

  9. Add the cooked pasta to the skillet and toss it with the scallops and tomatoes, ensuring everything is well combined.

  10. Sprinkle fresh parsley over the pasta and give it a final toss.

  11. Serve the scallops and pasta in individual plates, garnished with grated Parmesan cheese.


Q: Can I use frozen scallops for this recipe?
A: Yes, you can use frozen scallops. Just make sure to thaw them completely before cooking and pat them dry with paper towels to remove any excess moisture.

Q: What type of white wine is best for this dish?
A: A dry white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio, pairs nicely with this scallops and pasta recipe. However, feel free to use any white wine you prefer or have available.

Q: Can I substitute the cherry tomatoes with another type of tomato?
A: While cherry tomatoes add a burst of sweetness and color to the dish, you can substitute them with diced Roma or vine-ripened tomatoes if desired.

Q: What side dish would complement this scallops and pasta recipe?
A: A fresh green salad or some garlic bread would make excellent side dishes to accompany this seafood pasta.

Q: Can I add other seafood to this recipe?
A: Absolutely! If you enjoy a variety of seafood flavors, feel free to add shrimp, crab meat, or even lobster tail to this scallops and pasta dish. Just make sure to adjust the cooking times accordingly.

Now that you have the recipe and answers to some common questions, you are ready to whip up a delectable meal of scallops and pasta. Enjoy the flavors and the applause from your dinner guests as they relish in this delightful seafood creation!

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